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The Iggy Haven terms and conditions

The Iggy Haven's Terms and Conditions

All guest dogs and residents will wear a house collar
with an identification tag
showing address and telephone number of The Iggy Haven.  
(This will be supplied by The Iggy Haven.)
Guest dogs will not be allowed free and off the lead
at any time while out on nature walks.

In the unlikely event of the dog becoming ill
while staying at The Iggy Haven, he/she will be treated by the:

White Lodge Veterinary Clinic

- and the costs met by the owner on their return.
 The owner to be contacted and kept informed at all times.  
To comply with the animal boarding licence,
all dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations and provide proof,
which will be recorded on the register.

To secure a booking, a deposit of 50% (or £20 if you prefer) is required, with the balance due on arrival.  
Please be aware that deposits are not refundable
unless we are notified of cancellation 7 days in advance.
However, if we can fill the slot at short notice,
your deposit will be returned to you in full!

Cheques accepted, but not credit/debit cards.

Owners are liable for any damage caused by their dog e.g.
chewing blankets or furniture.

No guest dogs or residents will be left alone in the house
at any time and therefore it is highly unlikely that anything untoward will happen to your pet - but it has to be understood
that you leave your dog at The Iggy Haven at your own risk
and The Iggy Haven accepts no responsibility for any injury, illness, death or theft.  
We do have public liability insurance.

It is important that guest dogs eat only what they are used
to eating and therefore we ask the owner to bring
their usual food and instructions on how they are fed.  
This simple rule ensures that our guests suffer the least
tummy upsets during their stay.
If you deliver your dog earlier than planned or collect your dog
later than planned, changeover can be affected when other dogs are booked in. As a licence holder, the number of guest dogs staying here must not be exceeded and therefore time keeping
is paramount. Of course we understand perfectly that delays can occur – but please, out of courtesy let us know. 
We are currently licensed to take 3 guest dogs but we prefer
to take 2 guest dogs into our home at any one time to ensure they get our full attention. Thank you.

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The Iggy Haven About us Terms and conditions Prices Registration form